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Dry Clay

My first

Once upon a time, my mommy read me THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT.  When she was done, she handed me the book.  In my small hands, its tininess captured my heart!  I could not get enough of Peter's shenanigans and would demand, "READ IT" --again and again--.

When I was mommy, I cherished indoor days curled up in our den reading to my cubs.

After my cubs left the den, I found myself reading picture books whenever I felt blue and became inspired.  I began transforming my journal entries into picture book stories. 

One Thanksgiving I shared some of my stories with my brother.  Given our games of Pictionary, I have no idea why but he encouraged me to take art lessons so I could illustrate my stories.

I'm grateful I listened to his advice because I found my passion.  Creating picture books from an extraordinary thing that happened on an ordinary day keeps me connected with my joy, children.

As part of my creative process, I read the latest picture book publications. Whenever I find one that steals my heart, I analyze the story elements to understand how they came together to create the "sparkle." 

If you share my enthusiasm, I invite you to subscribe to my blog, contact me with your favorites, and join the Just Picture Books discussion group.

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