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Purple Curtain


Each book in the Den's collection was selected when I closed the cover and said, "Bravo!" 

How did the page turns simulate the scenes from a play? How did the pictures light the story? How did the words create music, movement, emotion? And what was the secret ingredient that made the book sparkle?  These are the questions I explore as I raise the curtain on the book's creative success.

Does the sparkle come from the setting as in THE CANDY DISH by Kobi Yamada? The narrative structure as in PETER EASTER FROG by Erin Dealey? The protagonist's character, as in A FAMILY FOR LOUIE by Alexandra Thompson, or something else? 

I'm curious to know your thoughts on crafting playful picture books and invite you to add your review.  What made you say, "Again?"

Thank you for visiting the Den, Cynthia

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