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5 Letters & Adorable

March 26, 2023 pick is BEWARE! by Bob Raczka

Using just 5 letters and 75 words, Bob Raczka creates an endearing story about a bear and a bee overcoming their prejudices and forming a friendship.

7 story elements

Characters: Abe-a bear, Bree--a bee and their parents

Theme: friendship

Conflict: Prejudice

Plot: Bree's parents warn Bree about bears. Abe's parents warn Abe about bees. Bree and Abe play in a field, meet, and have a bee bear war. Bree stings Abe, Abe swats Bree. Both empathize with the pain, feel sorry, ask forgiveness, and become friends.

Setting: wilderness

Perspective: third person

Style: sequenced narrated conversation


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