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Sweet Treat

April 11, 2023 pick is THE CANDY DISH by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Adelina Lirius

A candy dish dispenses a different flavored treat each day to a girl, who learns to treasure each treat's capacity to spawn a beautiful but brief experience.

Characters: Candy dish, a girl

Theme: greed

Conflict: present versus the future

Plot: A girl receives a candy dish as a gift. The candy dish dispenses a single piece of candy that tastes marvelous and gives her the best summer day experience, leaving her wanting another. The girl tries to open the candy dish for another piece, but it is sealed tight. The next day the candy dish dispenses another marvelous piece of candy that tastes different from the first and gives her a different experience too. Again, the girl tries to get another piece and can't open the dish. Frustrated she forgets about the 2 marvelous pieces and falls asleep defeated. The next day she is so disgruntled about not getting more candy she decides to get rid of the dish. As she is tossing the dish, it gives her another piece and she realizes that each day is a unique gift to be savored.

Setting: the girls home and yard rendered in fantastical hallucination

Perspective: third person

Style: time sequence, cause and effect narrator


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