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A Love Story

May 28, 2023 pick is LUCKY AND SQUASH by Jeanne Birdsall

For fans of dogs and love stories, two dogs co-conspire to overcome the locked gate that keeps them apart.

7 Story Elements

Characters: Lucky, Mr. Bernard, Squash, Miss Violet

Theme: Love

Conflict: Separation

Plot: Lucky and Squash love each other and want to be together but the shyness of their parents keep the gate between them locked. Miss Violet and Mr. Bernard while neighbors do not even speak to each other! Lucky and Squash devise a plan to escape in the hopes that if Mr. Bernard and Miss Violet simply meet-up somewhere they will fall in love. When their plan fails, Lucky and Squash are disappointed but not discouraged. They try again. On their third attempt, they are threatened by a bear. Miss Violet and Mrs. Bernard boldly chase off the bear, overcoming their shyness, unlocking the gate, and bringing the dogs together forever.

Setting: Suburban yard, city, beach, forest.

Perspective: Third person

Style: Narrative


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