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A stick-in-your-head parade

EAR WORM! by Jo Knowles and illustrated by Galia Berstein is a memorable song and dance mystery.

Characters: Worm, Owl, Chipmunk, Bunny, Fox, and Papa.

Theme: song, dance

Conflict: mystery, who put the song in little worm's head?

Perspective: first person

Style: rhythmic, repetitive, narrative with dialogue

Plot: Little Worm is out dancing along a path singing a song when he meets up with Owl. Owl asks Worm what he is singing and Worm tells him it is the song that is stuck in his head. Owl tells him that when a song is stuck in your head it is called an ear worm.

Little Worm then wonders who put the song in his head and asks Owl if he did it. Owl says no because his song is "Wave wave talk to the wing..." and joins Worm on a parade down the path where they meet Chipmunk.

Little Worm asks Chipmunk if he put the song in his head but Chipmunk didn't do it because his song is "Che Che Chitter-ee." Chipmunk joins Owl and Little Worm and they parade on, meeting up with Bunny and Fox who add their song and dance.

Little Own is having so much fun dancing and singing with his friends that he forgets he wants to know who put ear worm in his head.

Papa Worm calls Little Worm home to bed. After Papa tucks Little Worm in, he sings the ear worm song, mystery solved!

Setting: a minimalistic natural landscape


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