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Airport Hugs

A takeoff on GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU but from the perspective of a blended American family - one Malaysian and one English.

NANA, NENEK, & NINA by Liza Ferneyhough shows how her grandmothers' home and customs may be very different but grandma loves her granddaughter around the world and back.

Characters: Nina-granddaughter, Nana-English Grandmother, Nenek-Malaysia Grandmother

Theme: family relationships

Conflict: travel, adventure

Perspective: third person

Plot: Nina introduces us as she packs to visit her grandmother. The clothes she brings is very different depending on which grandmother she is flying off to visit. Will she need her selipar (flip-flops) or her wellies (rainboots)? It doesn't matter because while the climate, food, and culture of her two grandmothers are different, the warm airport hug is the same.

Style: a blend of graphic picture book and narration

Setting: San Francisco, Malaysia, England


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