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Big Bubbles for Big Emotions

THE PLANET OF JOY by Valeria Mendoza, illustrated by Maria Octavia Russo, the first in a series about emotions, takes kids on an adventure to the planet of joy where they learn all about the feeling joy.

Characters: Santi, Mr. Pratt, Purri

Theme: strong, powerful emotions

Conflict: adventure and control

Perspective: Third person

Style: Rhyming narrative

Plot: When Santi blows a big bubble he becomes caught inside. The bubble transports Santi to an unfamiliar place where a note from Mr. Pratt is waiting for him. The letter encourages Santi to have fun while visiting planet Joy. Santi first makes a new friend, Purri, and together they have a ball on Planet Joy. Santi is having so much fun, that he loses control. Mr. Pratt arrives and helps Santi find his way back and reminds him that he can visit again.

Setting: Santi's bedroom, the imaginary land of joy


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