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For horse lovers and library lovers Books by Horseback by Emma Carlson Berne is the story of the first bookmobile.

Characters: Edith the packhorse librarian; Dan her sure-footed horse; Ruth, William, Mr. and Mrs. Caudill an Appalachian homesteader family

Theme: Library History

Conflict: A difficult journey

Perspective: Third person

Plot: Edith prepares for her journey to visit families living in the remote hill country of the Appalachian mountains. Dan does his best to carry Edith and the books up through the mountains, along the swift-moving creeks, and through a loud thunderstorm. Finally they arrive at the Caudill's cabin where Edith dries out and reads to the family.

Then she is on her way to visit the rest of the waiting children.

Style: narrated story

Setting: Appalachia


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