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Brontosaurus Pet Rescue

On a class trip to a natural history museum, Penny finds a lonely baby dinosaur. When she decides to take him home as her pet, she discovers Pip is too big for her backpack. How will she sneak Pip out of the museum?

Characters: Penny, Pip, Penny's classmates

Theme: Animal Rescue

Conflict: Finding a forever home for a different kind of pet

Perspective: Third person

Style: Narration

Plot: In a quiet corner, Penny notices a baby brontosaurus who follows her around the museum. At lunch, Penny shares her food with the dinosaur who pips his thanks. After lunch, Penny and Pip visit the Dinosaur Hall where Penny realizes Pip is alone. She decides to take Pip home as her pet, but Pip is too big for her backpack. Not to worry Penny devices a plan to sneak Pip out and it works.

Setting: Inside a natural history museum


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