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A Diplomatic Success

April 24, 2023 pick is KNIGHT OWL by Christopher Denise

An outsized Knight Owl uses his wit to successfully gain the cooperation of a hungry dragon, preventing further loss of the medieval knight force.

Characters: Owl, Mom, Dad, knights, dragon

Theme: diplomacy

Conflict: hunger

Perspective: third person

Style: narrated sequential timeline

Plot: Owl dreams of being a knight. When knights begin disappearing from the kingdom, the knight school opens admissions up to different types of applicants and Owl get in. He is too small to wear a shield and wield a sword, but he makes an excellent night watchman. On guard when the hungry dragon comes searching for more knights to feed his empty belly. Owl talks the dragon into trying pizza which the dragon discovers he prefers, saving the kingdom from further loss.

Setting: Medieval castle


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