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Drew A. Blank Drew a Smile...

March 12, 2023 pick is PAJAMA DAY by Lynn Plourde, illustrated by Thor Wickstrom

Drew arrives at school and realizes he has forgot that it's pajama day...

Witty and snarky Drew had me smiling cover to cover! Everyone will empathize with Drew's plight because we have all had a "Drew" moment. Lynn Plourde cleverly teaches us to laugh when we forget and how we may overcome our forgetfulness with perseverense.

7 story elements

Characters: Drew A. Blank, his teacher, his mother, his classmates

Theme: problem solving

Conflict: The consequence of forgetting will leave Drew left out of the fun unless he can improvise solutions.

Plot: Drew arrives at school and realizes he forgot it was pajama day. As the sequence of the day (story circle, snack, class play, parade, nap time) unfolds, Drew remembers that he has forgotten the required object for each activity and has to improvise a solution or be left out. He improvises a balloon for his forgotten pillow and when he can't nap because he is certain he has forgotten something else, his restlessness pops the balloon and awakens his class who have overslept. Now the hero, Drew remembers in the nick of time that he has a note on his foot, but he will forget one more thing before the day ends.

Setting: School, home

Perspective: third person narrator

Style: time sequence, cause and effect


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