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Driftwood Gemstone

DRIFTWOOD DAYS by William Miniver, illustrated by Charles Vess shares the importance of driftwood to the earth's river, ocean, and beach ecosystems but it is disappearing. With the help of scientists, will beavers be able to restore this beautiful and valuable resource?

Characters: Beaver, driftwood, turtles, gulls, boy

Theme: the seasonal life cycle of driftwood

Conflict: a journey

Perspective: third person

Plot: A beaver builds his lodge and a branch breaks away. The branch travels downstream. Along the way, it stops and stays for a while. When it resumes its journey, it reaches the ocean and becomes an oasis for seabirds. Until waves carry the branch to the shore and a boy picks it up. Only now it isn't a branch, it is a driftwood pen and sword.

Style: poem

Setting: stream, river, ocean ecosystem


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