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Jiggly, wiggly, giggly - Breath!

With bedtime, Easter, and spring appeal, EVERY BUNNY IS A YOGA BUNNY by Emily Ann Davison illustrated by Deborah Allwright shows how Yo-Yo uses yoga to calm her fidgety body.

Characters: Grandpa, Roly, Flo, and Yo-Yo

Theme: mindfulness

Conflict: being lost

Perspective: Third person

Plot: Each night Grandpa tucks his bunnies into their burrows but Yo-Yo is too wound up and unable to fall asleep easily. Grandpa has idea, he will teach the bunnies calming yoga. Flo and Roly are naturals but Yo-Yo is distracted by tickles, imagination, and a fluttering butterfly.

Following the butterfly, Yo-Yo becomes lost and frightened. Using the poses Grandpa taught her, she's able to calm herself down and remember the way home.

Style: a narrated story with some rhyme and a repeating refrain

Setting: natural, spring landscapes


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