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Julia Child Meets Ferris Bueller

A SPOONFUL OF FROGS by Casey Lyall and Vera Brosgol

A witch teaches her TV audience how to make frog soup. When she goes to add the spoonful of frogs, they escape. With page turning fun, she gives chase, improvising instructions as she goes on how to get the frogs on the spoon.

Characters: Witch, frogs, camera crew

Theme: cooking show

Conflict: escape, car chase

Perspective: First person

Style: Instructional

Plot: A Witch starts her cooking show by giving instruction on how to cook frog soup. When the witch tries to add the most important ingredient, which gives the soup its kick and color, the ingredient escapes. For the rest of the lesson, she improvises directions for putting the frogs on the spoon but none of the solutions work. Finally, she gives up and uses a substitute.

Setting: Studio set


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