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Lipstick and Lobster

THE LOBSTER LADY is a story about a pioneering woman with spirit made of granite who at age 100 still hauls lobster because she wants to.

Characters: Virginia, Virginia's husband, son, and Doctor, Max

Theme: biography

Conflict: Who is Virginia and why does she haul lobster?

Perspective: Third person

Style: narrative, story within a story

Plot: Virginia wakes and has breakfast before heading to the dock to work. She greets Max and prepares the boat. She works with Max hauling traps and measuring the lobsters. Before she can band one lobster, it bites her. Virginia needs stitches and goes to the doctor. The doctor asks her, "What were you doing out there, anyway?"

Virginia remembers her childhood, meeting her husband, and quitting her job so she could lobster with her husband. "I wanted to go," she answers.

Setting: Coastal Maine


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