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Ordinary is Good

MOST DAYS by Michael Leannah and debut illustrator Megan Elizabeth Baratta is a celebration of the comfort and beauty found in the familiar of the ordinary day.

Theme: Mindfulness

Conflict: Discovery

Characters: The reader is the protagonist of the story. The other characters are the people the protagonist meets in the pictures as he travels through his day.

Perspective: told is first-person

Plot: I get up and get dressed. I am one day older and so is my pet goldfish but wait the plant bathing in the sunlight has changed since yesterday.

Traveling through the day, the reader observes what he/she sees (a saxaphone on porch, frost on a window, sparkling sunlight) and reflects that while most days play out the same, the things in those days are constantly growing and changing, including them.

Style: Poem

Setting: Urban, country


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