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Refrigerated Obstacle Race

With rhythmic, rhyming couplets, a delightful read-aloud book! Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast race through the fantasy, food landscape, trying to beat the other to the last of the maple syrup but someone else gets there first.

Characters: Miss Brie, Lady Pancake, Sir French Toast, Baron von Waffle, and the refrigerator residents.

Theme: Cooperation and value of sharing

Conflict: Competition for a valued object

Perspective: First person

Style: Metered, end rhyme couplets

Plot: Waiting in the back of the fridge, Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are informed by Miss Brie that there is just one drop of syrup left. A challenge to get to syrup is declared and off then run to get there before the other one. Baron von Waffle beats them. Trudging back home Toast suggests they not fight next time, and Pancake agrees. They spy butter and decide to share.

Setting: Fantasy, refrigerator landscape


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