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Rock Star for Dummies

In this humorous how-to book, Lisa Tolin and Daniel Duncan walk readers through the life cycle of a rock star.

Characters: Unnamed aspiring girl rock star, her little brother, Mom, and Dad

Theme: Art and Culture

Conflict: investigation

Perspective: Second person

Plot: You dream of being a rock star. Let me show you how it is done.

First, you need instruments, band members, and a name. Now learn some covers and experiment with your sound, moves, and costumes.

Build your audience with road trips to the bedroom, bathroom, and backyard. Don't be surprised if the stress of the road causes fights and a breakup.

Move on, go solo, write songs about the experience.

When you cross paths with your former band members again, get back together. Your fans will celebrate, cheering for an encore.

Setting: A modern house


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