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Rockefeller Christmas Owl

TINY OWL AND THE ROCKEFELLER CHRISTMAS TREE by Deborah, Gianna, and Lea Rocco, illustrated by Nataliia Tymoshenko is the true story about the Northern Saw-whet owl that became trapped in a Norway Spruce tree and became the Rockefeller Christmas Owl.

Characters: Tiny Owl

Theme: Journey

Conflict: Entrapment

Perspective: Third person

Style: Descriptive narration with end rhyme

Plot: Tiny Owl asleep in her Norway Spruce tree becomes trapped when the tree is wrapped for transport to New York City. A worker setting up the tree for decoration as Rockefeller's Christmas Tree discovers Tiny Owl and the discovery becomes a national news story.

Tiny Owl is brought to Ravensbeard Wildlife Center where she is evaluated by a veterinarian for injuries and illness.

After a few days of rest, Tiny Owl is released. Where does she go?

Setting: Forest, New York City

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