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The Real Long Distance Record Holder

Yoshi Sea Turtle Genius by Lynne Cox illustrated by Richard Jones is a true story about a loggerhead turtle's 23,000-mile journey home.

Characters: Yoshi, fisherman, marine biologist, children, and their grown-ups

Theme: Survival

Conflict: Getting back home

Perspective: Third person

Style: Descriptive narrative

Plot: A loggerhead turtle is born on the banks of Australia and makes her way to the sea. Where she grows and learns how to live. Then one day she becomes entangled in a fishing net and is injured. A kind fisherman frees her from the net and treats her injuries, but she is too weak for him to return her to the sea.

The fisherman brings her to Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa where Yoshi is cared for by the staff. As she grows to adulthood, visitors to the aquarium get to know her. When Yoshi is a mature adult sea turtle, the Two Oceans Aquarium staff decide Yoshi should be returned to the sea but first divers must help her build up her swimming endurance.

Finally, the day comes for Yoshi's release. Fitted with a tracking device, the world watches, her amazing swim 23,000 miles back to the beach where she was born. How did she ever find her way?

Setting: Beach, ocean, fishing vessel, aquarium


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