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Silliness, shenanigans, buffoonery, skylarking, or pranks-- the perfect word to describe the man, Randolph Caldecott. TOMFOOLERY! Randolph Caldecott and the Rambunctious Coming-of-Age of Children's Book by Michelle Markel, illustrated by Barbara McClintock is a biography of the Caldecott Honor namesake.

Characters: Randolph Caldecott

Theme: biography

Conflict: who was this person

Perspective: Third person

Style: Present tense narrator which is the magic of this manuscript because it infuses the story with action, just like Randolph's ingenious illustrations.

Plot: Do come in. Meet Randolph, but you must be quick because Randolph likes to move. Fidgety Randolph doodles on everything, even on his school books. His father doesn't approve. He sends Randolph off to work in a bank. The bankers love Randolph's galloping horses, giving Randolph the idea that he may be able to earn his living drawing pictures.

From his country home to the London city he goes. In London, there is too much to draw and Randolph exhausts himself, taking to his bed but someone important has noticed. He has an idea and asks Randolph to draw for tots.

No one has seen drawings like these before. We can practically hear the "clompety clompety clomp!" Randolph is right, he can earn a living drawing pictures.

Setting: Randolph Caldecott's 1850s England


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