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Use your indoor feet

TURBO'S SPECIAL DELIVERY by Jean Reagan and illustrated by Eduardo Marticorena reminds me of the hundreds of times I said. "Use your inside voice." "Wait until we get to the playground before your run."

This fun story helps children understand the importance of context and their grown-ups remember how hard it is for them to learn to control their bodies.

Characters: protagonist is Turbo a delivery truck. Toot-Toot, Beep-Beep, Honk-Honk, and Rosa

Theme: a journey

Conflict: protection

Perspective: Third person

Style: a narrative

Plot: Disappointed Turbo roams the warehouse with nothing to do. Rosa calls out that she has a special delivery.  Turbo eagerly volunteers, but Rosa is hesitant because Turbo has one speed, fast. After some pleading and convincing that he is up to the challenge, Rosa agrees to give him the job.

Excited Turbo vrooms out of the warehouse, causing his load to shift. That's right, I need to go slow and be careful.

Going slow is hard for Robo to remember. Will he be able to remember on such a long journey and safely deliver his load unharmed?

Setting: Warehouse, highway, park


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