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Values of a stick

A mindfulness story. When Stickler mistakes his friend Crow for a creature from another world, he rediscovers the pleasures of his own.

STICKLER LOVES THE WORLD by Lane Smith, illustrated by Lane Smith

Characters: Stickler a multi-eye stick creature, Crow

Theme: Respect for nature and its beauty

Conflict: Discovery

Perspective: told in third-person

Plot: Where the shadow meets the tree, Stickler is collecting, what else, sticks. He runs into his friend Crow but does not recognize him because Crow's head is stuck in a can. Stickler is thrilled to have a creature from another world as a new friend, for he can show off his fantastic world.

Stickler and Crow travel through the world observing its wonders--smelly fish, rocks, the breeze. While observing the colors of the sunset, Stickler discovers his new friend is his old friend Crow.

Together, they journey home quietly taking in their amazing, weird, and wonderful world.

Style: Narrative

Setting: an imagined natural world


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