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It's Christmas Eve! Santa is coming, how do you expect me to settle down and go to sleep?

A CREATURE WAS STIRRING by Heather S. Pierczynski, illustrated by Skylar Hogan captures the absurd idea that any child would calmly make their way to bed and quietly drift off to sleep on the eve of "Christmas, the best day of the year," (Charles Dickens).

Characters: Mouse, cat, Santa

Theme: bedtime


Perspective: third person

Plot: When it is time to go to bed, Mouse stirs, squeaks, eeks, and jingles the cat's bells. He drums, stacks, and snacks because he just can't wait for morning.

He sings and makes such a ruckus that the neighborhood and world plead with him, "GO TO BED!"

He tries once more but it is no use. Up again, he huffs and puffs up the chimney where he meets the big guy and risks ruining his Christmas.

Style: Lyrical narration

Setting: a house


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