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May 7, 2023 pick is EVERY DOG IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD by Philip C Stead and Matthew Cordell. How many dogs live in the neighborhood? Louis wants to know and the only way to find out is for Louis to knock on his neighbors' doors and count the types of animals living there.

Characters: Louis, Grandmother, neighbors

Theme: politics & government

Conflict: question

Perspective: first person

Style: graphic narration

Plot: Louis tells his Grandmother that he really wants a dog. She tells him no because there are already too many dogs in the neighborhood. Louis asks his Grandmother how many dogs live in the neighborhood. When Grandmother doesn't know, Louis writes to City Hall to get the answer. When City Hall doesn't know how many dogs, Louis surveys his neighbors to find out. During the census survey, Louis discovers all types of dogs and pets live in the neighborhood. Louis shares the census results with his Grandmother and she tells him he missed one house. Grandmother takes Louis to the house where the owner informs Louis that he is leaving the neighborhood soon and needs to find his dog a new home. Fortunately, the neighbor knows a kind Grandmother with a grandson who really wants a dog.

Setting: City block with a rundown lot


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