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Human is Human

With "hands the size of tabletops, legs as long as drainpipes, and feet as big as rowboats," Giant is certainly different but is he someone to fear?

THE BOY AND THE GIANT by David Litchfield is a wonderful metaphor that reminds us that a community is made of people with many differences, but one thing in common: their humanity.

Characters: Billy, Giant, Grandad

Theme: Friendship and community

Conflict: a problem to solve, a job to get done

Perspective: First person

Style: a dialogue between Billy and Grandad

Plot: The people of Gableview are painting the wall around their town but are not able to reach the top. Grandad knows Giant will help them complete the job because he has quietly done so many times before.

Having never seen Giant, Billy isn't so sure.

Grandad explains to Billy that Giant hides because he knows the people fear him.

Grandad encourages Billy to go to the wall early in the morning when he knows the Giant will be working. Billy does but is frightened just as Grandad said and runs.

Feeling bad for hurting the Giant's feelings, Billy works to find a way for the town to welcome the Giant into the community.

Setting: The imaginary town of Gableview


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