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Loving Willow

WILLOW AND BUNNY by Anitra Row Schulte and Caldecott Honor Artist Christopher Denise steals your heart with its loving relationship between mother Willow and young Bunny.

Characters: Willow, Bunny, Tornado, and the forest ensemble-skunk, deer, chipmunk, squirrel, birds, butterflies

Theme: I take care of you, you take care of me-the parent-child relationship

Conflict: danger

Perspective: Third person

Style: narration

Plot: Young Bunny exploring the woods hears a rustle and instinct tells him to find a safe place. He finds Willow who welcomes him into her home. They share the changing seasons until one day there is a tornado. Willow protects Bunny and his forest friends during the storm but is injured. Returning Willow's love, Bunny and the forest animals help Willow recover.

Setting: an absolutely beautiful natural landscape


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