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Foodie French Bulldog Speed Dates

April 2, 2023 pick is A FAMILY FOR LOUIE by debut author and illustrator Alexandra Thompson

Lovable Louie is a foodie with a very good life, but he doesn't have a family. Come along with him as he searches for his one and only.

7 story elements

Characters: Louie the French bulldog protagonist, Bea a bakery owner's daughter, Bea's mother, chefs, families.

Theme: home

Conflict: searching for love

Plot: Louie introduces us to his life as a well-fed bachelor. While he likes his life, he decides it would be better with a family and sets out in search of a comparable mate. He evaluates several prospects before finding the one that is right for him.

Setting: City scenes--restaurants, streets, parks, beach

Perspective: third person

Styles: sequence cause and effect narration


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